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Исполнитель: Emily Rose

Название песни: Symphony Of Chaos

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Дата добавления: 2014-09-09

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Symphony of Chaos

Imagination almost over but you're keep listening and they continue to repeat:
"All is good!" They say that all is well but that's enough!
We've got tired from that shit!

I can not wait!
You can not wait!
We can not wait!!!

I believe that everything that's happening in this world will change or dissapear...
And now i screaming into your ear:
"Television lies, lies from the network, the system is lying but we...
We have No, Nowhere to go! This is our life. We have nowhere to go..."

Now I can see every step you take in advance and know what do you live:
permanent vacations, degraded education- let's wait a little more))

No more! That's over!

Now try to tell your parents what's going on in your head and let's see what'll happen... they'll kill you!))
Imaginations almos over but you're keep listening...

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