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Исполнитель: (Волчонок) Rizzle Kicks

Название песни: Down With The Trumpets

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Дата добавления: 2014-07-28

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Rile Kicks
Dag Nabbit

Yo, you might hear me make a racket like Wilson
Cause I love summer no Rachel Bilson (YES)
The winter will come,
We just have parties inside it's still fun,
(We're jammin') pump this (We're bangin'),
Change your boyfriend let's 'av him,
We're rowdy, girls make our judgement cloudy,
but when the sun comes through we're still alcys,
We don't wanna be lowsy, or shameless,
but we're running round like we're brainless,
now I've got grass stains on my brand new white trainers
Ummmm... I know a few guys hate us,
they're as compelling as neighbours so laters,
it's blaters we've got our own style, you know now,
so go wild and get hosed down, n-no no

Let's get down with the trumpets (x4)
Let's get down with the down with the (x3)
Let's get down with the trumpets

When I get down,
I get respect now,
and when our tunes drops,
you know it makes your head bounce,
yeah I move with the flow,
and when I enter the room it shows,
I move sick (WHEN I DANCE)

then chicks (WANNA DANCE)
move in and move quick (WHEN I DANCE)
at risk (WHEN I DANCE)
just be careful you don't lose your chick (WHEN I DANCE)
that might just happen,
so listen deep,
stick with your madame,
or she might just leave


Ummm... how much sound from the brass to the air,
will it take, to put your bras in the air? (PARDON ME THERE)
just don't pretend that,
if I wasn't older you wouldn't wanna dance with me yeaaah
you're the last of my fears,
I was top boy of the class in my year,
well not really but I was half way there,
and I coulda been the headmaster so yeah
got vibes and charisma (lighter and rila)
baccy and filter (shine for me mister)
I want the sun to (SH-I-I-INE)
till I'm looking at a bright blue (SKY-Y-Y)
yes, and we drop it like anvils,
bring your whole crew to a stand still, still,
stick us on at clubs and I
guarantee that no body would stand still



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